Never underestimate what a huge difference the right headphones can make. I’ve used a ton of them throughout my career and am always reviewing gear from time to time. In this post, I’ll be giving you a rundown of the Beyerdynamic Dt 990 Pro versus Premium. Both headphones are pretty great, but we are here to decide which one performs better. So let’s get started.

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Most people think it’s all about performance, but good design can often improve sound quality in several ways. Let be begin by highlighting that both models feature an open design. This means that you get a nice airy feel when you’re recording acoustics.


Now let’s discuss the build quality and construction. At first glance, you’ll notice that the DT 900 Pro model is entirely made of ABS plastic if you leave out the headbands which is made of metal. I’d say these headphones are sturdy enough and surprisingly feel pretty lightweight and comfortable. This makes it easier for professionals to work without getting nasty headaches.  All in all, I’d say the build quality is pretty good, it should last a couple of years if handled properly.

You can expect controlled bass with the Pro model. I’ve also found that low frequency comes out pretty powerful and clear. This is definitely a nice feature – one that makes quite a difference. With the open design, the top end also sounds good without coming out too shrill.

Moving on to the Premium…

The Beyerdynamic Dt 990 Premium Edition features a similar open model design that’s nice and comfortable. You’ll instantly notice that this model includes a soft leatherette for a headband instead of the metal in its predecessor. I like the extra cushioning but it might not last as long as the metal one. So you may want to replace the headband soon if you’re planning on using it regularly. It certainly is more comfortable but definitely not as durable as you’d expect.

Also, this model is much heavier, though this isn’t a bad thing as it’s a sign of sturdiness. I guess the final choice will come down to your personal preference.

Another thing that I love about this model is its earcups. They are comfy and silky-smooth next to your ears. The design is pretty breathable so you don’t have to worry about ear sweat (though, I do recommend you take frequent breaks in between). Either way, it’s pretty good at preventing heat build-up.Now you’re probably wondering which product wins this round, well, I’d say it’s a tie and depends upon what you’re looking for.


Now let’s talk about what really matters – the performance.  Starting off with the DT 990 PRO, the sound quality is pretty decent and to be honest, there isn’t much difference when compared to the Premium.

When first using this model, I instantly noticed how the mids are pretty detailed but they aren’t anything special. As for the highs, those are pretty clear too. If you listen to it at a higher volume, the sound might feel like it’s piercing your ears. The soundstage is wide and the output is pretty good. But again, it’s quite obvious that this model isn’t meant for folks who want to make a solid living out of sound production. You can use these babies for studio monitoring but I wouldn’t recommend it to hardcore professionals.

Moving on to the Premium version now…

I have to admit, it sounds much better and I highly recommend you get the 600 ohm version. But if you’re reluctant about getting the 600 ohm model, 250 ohms should be good enough for you. You can use it with just about any amp. The overall results are great either way but you should be able to hear better frequency and response with the 600 ohms. The only difference you’ll experience is with the usability. Some folks are happier using 250 ohms but I would rather stick to 600.

This model does an excellent job and the highs and lows all sound great. You’ll be able to get better functionality if you pair it up with an 80mW amp. Coming to the bass response, the results are pretty exceptional. Also, the extension is pretty deep and the low notes are also quite distinct. You’ll notice a nice thump that adds some extra definition.

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There isn’t much difference in the price, so if we’re talking about which product provides the most value, I’d definitely go with the Premium. It is built for more hardcore music professionals. The Pro model is better off for folks who need a pair of headphones for daily use. While on the other hand, the Premium edition is designed to take a beating. It’s great for everyday studio use and features a straight cable as opposed to a coiled cable – which believe it or not makes quite a difference.

Overall Functionality

Since I’ve used both models, I’d say there isn’t much difference between the two in terms of functionality. But you’ll definitely be getting a better deal with the Premium version. However, if you would like to save a couple of bucks then go ahead with the Pro.


Personally, I’d recommend the Premium as the winner here. What can I say – new is usually always better. But to honest, the Pro version works fine. If you’re a beginner, you can start off with it but then I’d recommend you play around with some other brands as you move up the ladder. I’ve written a whole guide about the best laptops for music production & best budget audiophile headphones.

So which model do you think is best between the two? Let me know in the comments section below. Better yet, feel free to recommend me some gear to review. I might do a blog post about it. See you around!