Trying to find the perfect mic? Well, the whole process can be daunting, especially if you’re a beginner to this. And of course, you wouldn’t want to make the wrong decision.

In this post, I’ll be providing you a thorough rundown of the Sennheiser e945 as well as Sennheiser e935. Both these mics are pretty good contenders and offer decent sound output. But alas, one certainly has to be better than the other. Or does it really? Let’s find out.

Sennheiser E945 vs E935:

The essential difference is that Sennheiser E945 is a super-cardioid mic meanwhile the Sennheiser E935 is a cardioid mic. Furthermore, the Sennheiser E945 is more sensitive than E935. E945 also offers more features that its older counterpart doesn’t have. The e945 is an obvious winner here.

Again, let’s acknowledge that both these products are part of the same series which is why you can expect plenty of similarities. Since the E945 is a newer model, it features some upgraded specs that you ought to get your hands on. I’ll start off by saying that Sennheiser is a great brand and they offer exceptional customer service along with a 10-year warranty.

Let’s start off with a detailed comparison.

Overall Build and Durability

I’ll just go right out and say this both the mics offer the same amount of durability and versatility. Both products are dynamic mics designed for live performances. They are extremely rugged, and it’s clear that the brand doesn’t make any cuts when it comes to compromising on durability.

Both the products are quite sturdy and are great for travel so I’d definitely recommend it for outdoor use. The one thing that hasn’t changed is the neodymium ferrous magnet with boron. This feature ensures that both models can withstand unusual climate conditions. However, I would not recommend it for extreme weather conditions.

For extra longevity, the products also include a shock-mounted capsule so you can remain at ease about nothing happening to the internal parts of the mic. This feature increases the longevity of the mic, resulting in better endurance.

I will comment on how the E945 is a tad bit heavier than its predecessor. Both models offer a beautiful metal design though I’d definitely say that the E945 would be able to take a bigger hit. You’d also be pleased to know that Sennheiser offers a whopping 10-year warranty. This means that you don’t have to worry too much about wear and tear since the brand will always step in and secure your purchase.

Exceptional Sound Quality

Sennheiser is a very renowned name in the music industry; hence you can always count on it for the best results. Whether you’re pursuing music has a hobby or would like to make some money out of your gigs, I highly recommend you opt for a reliable brand to kick-start your journey.

Now coming back to the comparison, both products offer a different pick-up pattern. The E935 is a cardioid microphone so it can pick up sound from 130 degrees from all sides of the axis. Because of this, the mic doesn’t pick up any signals from behind which is great if you want to reduce unwanted sound. On the other hand, the more upgraded model offers a super cardioid pick up pattern. This provides better sound quality and better sensitivity than its predecessor.

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Instead of 130, the E945 picks up 115 degrees from all sides of the axis. I’m a massive fan of the sound output because of its crystal clear audio. It also does well as far as noise rejection is concerned. It offers better sound sensitivity thanks to the robust construction inside.


I personally liked the bass range on the E935. It has nothing to complain about and offers a subtle warmth to your voice. Thankfully, it doesn’t overkill, and so the output isn’t so boomy. I’d say it’s the perfect fit if you enjoy some liveliness. As for the E945, the output is livelier but I’d say there isn’t much difference between the two when it comes to the lows.


I liked how both the products offer a nice mid-range, there is a nice ambiance to it. But I would prefer the upgraded model because it adds a nice subtlety that you might not be able to achieve otherwise.


As for the highs, both mics perform exceptionally well but of course, because of its super cardioid properties, the E945 does even better. The high range sounds pretty good and overall, I really liked the sound output. The E935 also does a pretty decent job so all the sounds are clear and audible.

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E935: A Detailed Analysis


Here are a couple of pros that I’d like to highlight:

  • Designed for vocalists who are on the go – great for professionals
  • Solid rugged meta construction that results in added durability
  • Cardioid pickup pattern –does not pick up unwanted or unnecessary signals
  • The brand offers a solid 10-year warranty
  • Truly exceptional reviews on Amazon
  • Incredibly durable and reliable for years to come
  • Shock mounted capsule featuring a humbucking coil
  • May not be the best mic of the two but it certainly offers better value for money


Some cons that you ought to know about when compared to its successor:

  • Offers less noise rejection, the sound may not be as clear
  • Does not include an on/off switch which can be inconvenient
  • Does not offer the same features as the newer model

E945: A Detailed Analysis

Because this is the upgraded model, it does better in almost all aspects but that of course comes at an increased price. Here are some pros of this model:

  • Less feedback and better noise rejection than its counterpart
  • Crisper notes that sound much better
  • Metal construction, increased durability for better performance
  • Better mid-range that sounds nice and subtle
  • Higher sound sensitivity, improved results
  • Offers increased headroom than the predecessor
  • Overall better sound output because it is a super cardioid microphone
  • Scores better in all respects when compared to the predecessors
  • 10-year warranty that will secure your purchase


  • Similar to its predecessor, this model also does not include an on/off switch
  • While this model is clearly the winner in all aspects, it is pricier and does not offer the best value when compared to its predecessor


Well, I don’t know about you but the verdict is pretty obvious. The e945 is a clear winner here. It offers better sound quality and the build is pretty nice too. It’s suitable for all kinds of applications and genres. This mic performs fairly well for both male and female vocalists. The only downside is that it is costlier than its predecessor but obviously, that shouldn’t be a problem. 

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But I will add that both mics look virtually the same with the same amount of sturdy. And if you’re looking for better value then the E935 is a nice choice. I’ve used both models and I’m a huge fan of Sennheiser from start to finish. Overall, I would recommend both the products to working musicians.

Is there something you’d like to add? Let me know in the comments section – I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to send me some recommendations and maybe I’ll review those products next time.

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