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The Fender Victor Bailey Signature Bass

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Of the many dreams I had as a kid, all of which I have accomplished, one dream I never had was having my “own instrument”.By chance I met some Fender people at a bass event in 2001 and told them “I always play Jazz Basses but I haven’t played a Fender in years”. They said “why not?”

That was the beginnning of a two year odyssey, defining, refining, and reconsidering my wants and needs.

The result is an instrument I am extremely proud of. The electric bass, when played correctly, is an acoustic instrument. It is the sound of wood and string vibrating. We went for the perfect combination of woods to achieve my sound goals, which are to have a clear, clean and bright sound which is also fat and punchy. I opted for a very transparent set of electronics and pickups, which don’t make the sound much as tailor the bass and treble to sound to the room.

This bass was also designed to do everything I do, which includes slapping, popping, jazz, fusion, r&b, hip hop, tapping, chords, soloing, you name it.Consequently the instrument can appeal to a wide variety of players. In our first few years we have sold over three thousand instruments, making it one of the best selling basses of any kind ever.

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