Whether you’re talking birthdays, anniversaries, graduation celebrations – you don’t really need an occasion to get your loved one a gift. But even if you do, might as well make sure it’s a good one. The great news is that shopping for us musicians isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Some might disagree but we’re reasonably regular people (with slightly cooler hobbies).

Coming back to the point, there are plenty of gifts that you can buy for your fellow guitar players. Here are some ideas which I’m sure will be well received by your favorite music fanatic:

For the Pros

While putting together this list, I thought it would be a good idea to categorize ideas into a different section. This particular section is designed for pros or experienced guitarists who are certain that this is their true calling in life. Needless to say, you are welcome to improvise according to your mate’s preferences and of course, your budget. Here are some best gifts for guitar players:

1. A Guitar

guitar pic

OK, I admit this idea isn’t the most creative suggestion, but it makes sense, doesn’t it? If you have the budget, get your old pal a new guitar. Or even an old one. Vintage instruments never run out of style and are practically the envy of others. Get your buddy something that he/she might like. Your local store might help you get a better bargain or else you can also check out websites such as Craigslist or Amazon for some pretty good deals. But if you don’t have a very high budget, I’d probably skip this idea since that would be better than getting someone a crummy guitar.

Alternatively, you can get them a miniature sized instrument just for fun. It’ll act as a prop for their studio and they will definitely appreciate the gesture.

Here are some of the most popular guitars to pick from.

2. Gig Bag

Your buddy will need something to carry around their instrument and all their other stuff too, right? Might as well get them a bag. You can get them this one if they have an acoustic guitar (it includes a strap and a couple of picks which is a bonus) just make sure it’s the right size. A guy like me can never get enough of pockets. These will come in handy for carrying cables, chargers or anything else that might help make the gig a success.

If you’d like to go the extra mile, opt for something that’s water-proof. This will definitely boost functionality on not-so-sunny-days. Alternatively, you can also get your mate a nice backpack if they already have a case/bag for their instrument. It will definitely come in handy for carrying extra gear. Make sure it includes a special compartment to hold their laptop.

3. DIY Guitar Pick Punch

Now here’s a fun gift that even the pickiest folks will love – it’s a Pick-a-Palooza DIY Guitar Pick Punch Set. I know it seems like a mouthful but it really is great. This is your very own personal pick maker set.

It also includes a lovely leather pick holder and 15 starter strips to help you get started. Once the strips run out, you can still continue making picks with old credit cards, membership cards or any other piece of thin plastic sheet that’s lying around in your house. I personally love the concept since you’d never have to run out of picks ever again (I must admit, I have a tendency of losing them). I have a kit of my own and enjoy using it for making unique picks. It’s fun and you can always hand out extra to your friends. Totally recommend it for guitar players who keep losing their picks.

4. Folding Stand for Guitars

Do you know someone who owns a couple of guitars? Perhaps you should consider getting them a nice folding stand. This is a nice portable storage idea that won’t take up much space either. This handy model can hold up to seven at one time. It’s a great buy if your buddy is constantly moving around guitars and has a couple of favorites. The stand can be used for both acoustic and electric guitars and can prove to be quite useful.

I would recommend this gift for folks who are setting up their own studio or are serious about branching out. If your mate has a lot of guitars, you can have a customized stand made for them. This will ensure that they are able to get maximum functionality out of their present. But if you don’t have time for that kind of a hassle, you should be able to find plenty of guitar rack/stand options on Amazon.

5. Microphone

a microphoneI’m pretty sure your mate is interested in broadening his/her horizons and is trying their best to get a record deal. And they will certainly need a good mic to get started. You don’t necessarily have to buy something expensive, there are plenty of budget-friendly microphones that you should be able to get your hands on. A condenser mic would work great if your friend likes to play around with acoustic instruments. For anything else, you buy a dynamic microphone, but the choice is really yours.

However, if your friend is a pro, you might have to splurge because I would not recommend going cheap so remember to splurge. I would suggest you get your mate a mic of a brand they already trust. Musicians can be pretty picky about where they get their gear from. Make sure you invest in a model that comes with cables so that it can easily be connected to the computer.

For more information, check out my detailed guide on microphones for singing at home.

6. Amplifier

Don’t we all love friends, life partners or maybe even exes who go the extra mile (OK, the last one was a joke). But you have to admit, a guitar amplifier is a pretty neat gift. You should be able to browse through a plethora of different options on the internet. I’d recommend you get a mini-amp since it’s cool-looking but will also get the job done.

You won’t go wrong with the Danelectro N10B. The Burgundy color helps it stand out and it’s portable too. You can use the belt clip for travel use which is also a nice buy. It is powered by a 9 Volt battery which is also included in the package. This little guy might look small but it’s a nice gift and it definitely packs a punch. For added measure, you can get your bud a full-sized amplifier but just know that it’ll cost you.

7. Personalized Picks

Now here’s a great gift – personalized picks. Perhaps it could include an image of your mate’s favorite landmark or where they went to school. If you can’t think of anything, you can always buy a pick that contains their initials. For extra measure, you can also get an engraved pick holder, preferably leather since that would stand out. This is a nice gift for beginners who are just starting out. Alternatively, you can also present the picks to your buddy in a chain. It adds a nice touch and they will most certainly appreciate the thought.

You can also get pick cases or special coin picks that are made out of real money (yes, they exist and owing to the material, it’ll certainly last a couple of years).

Here are a lot of ideas to choose from.

Music Essentials

Now this category is designed for accessories and other music essentials that should enhance your musical experience. I’ve included some handy tool kits and accessories in this list but you can also add stuff such as cleaning kits for guitars or necessary cables that your mate might use. A power bank is also a pretty good option but I wanted to keep this list as concise as possible.

8. Pedal Board

Did you think I’d run out of gift ideas by now? Well, you’re fairly mistaken because I’m just getting to the good stuff. Serious guitarists would want to own a large pedal board. This handy accessory should help out with guitar effects. You’re better off buying one that has a case. I’m personally a huge fan of the Gator Cases G-TOUR Series Guitar Pedal Board. It comes with a case and it also has pedals so that you don’t have to lunge around heavy stuff.

However, I would recommend you check out some videos on how to use it since it can get complicated for newbies. You’ll find plenty of resources on the internet so that’s nothing to worry about. You can try out other brand but Gator has a pretty decent reputation and I would not recommend buying anything that is too low priced.

9. A Laptop

Any music enthusiast will appreciate this present. A new laptop is a very well-rounded present that both girls and guys should love. Apart from having new gear to complete daily tasks, a laptop is an absolute necessity for music editing. Your buddy can also use it for other music production and distribution or for emailing and sharing music. Yeah, you’d need a considerable budget for it but there are plenty of affordable laptops out there that are great for music production. You can make it an even better gift by getting your mate some cool music software. That way, they will have all the resources to boost their career. As an added measure, you can also get them a nice laptop bag.

If you’re unable to get a laptop, you can invest in other learning resource materials such as notebooks or learning pads. You should also be able to find tons of printed materials on guitars but if you’re really looking for value, consider investing in course. Loads of guitarists sell online courses for imparting their knowledge and wisdom onto others.

Check out my detailed blog post about the best budget cheap laptops for music production & best laptops for music production.

10. Musician’s Tool Kit

Get your buddy a good old tool kit that will help them maintain their guitar. You should be able to find tons of different options in the market but Ernie Ball seems to be an excellent choice. It should help with changing strings, setting intonation and loads more. Most kits include items such as polish cloths, string cutters, rules, wrench sets and screwdrivers. This one is slightly on the more expensive side so you can either opt for another one or make a DIY tool kit yourself.

Tool kits should help prolong the life of any old guitar. You can buy a nice portable set that your mate can carry around everywhere they go.

11. Slide Ring

At first glance, the slide ring may seem like a pretty useless gift but it really isn’t. A slide ring helps cover your finger. This makes it easier for you when it’s time to slide. It’s a nice fairly inexpensive gift but I’ll have to admit that a blues guitarist might be able to get better use out of it. I would recommend you get a nice box to pack this ring in. As far as materials are concerned, chrome isn’t a bad idea and you’re better off getting a ring that will adjust according to your finger.

Buying your mate a slide ring should help them gain more control over their instrument. Since this is a fairly small gift, I’d suggest you pair it up with something else on this list.

Fun Stuff

It’s always a good idea to let your guard down every once in a while. We’ve talked about presents that would be a great buy for professionals and essentials that guitarists would benefit from, but what about the fun stuff? In this section, I’ve compiled a list of cool gifts that guitarists would appreciate. They might not be the best in terms of functionality. Anyway, getting right to it, here are some awesome fun gift ideas that your fellow guitarist will definitely appreciate:

12. Travel Guitar

In many walks of life, it usually is the thought that counts. Even if your mate does not travel as much, having a miniature guitar is well, interesting. Especially if you’re able to get your hands on the Martin Steel String Backpacker. I absolutely love this piece of art. I’ve owned it myself and the sound is pretty great which means that you can get plenty out of this instrument. And I have to say, the guitar looks so much better in person than it does in the pictures.

With this particular model, it’s difficult to spot the negatives with this one. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to play and it comes with a bag. I would have bought this even if I didn’t hit the road as often, it’s that great because it’s fun to own.

13. Marshall Fridge

Now who doesn’t love Marshall amps? It’s the perfect gift for any guitarist out there but beware, this isn’t a real amp, and it’s a really cool compact fridge. And while it may not help with your music, it’ll definitely come in handy for chilling drinks and bottles of beer. And yes, it really does look like the real thing. You might have to take a few steps forward to actually know that it’s not really an amp!

This is a neat gift for any music enthusiast, I would definitely love it if someone got it for me. (I hope my friends are reading this). You can use it for parties, gigs, leave it out in your living room for friends and family to adore or hide it out in your man cave – the choice is yours. Alternatively, you can get them a regular mini fridge or cooler anyway. It should come in handy for gigs and for home studios.

14.  Guitar Watch

When you really love something, you want others to know, don’t you? Consider gifting your pal a nice guitar watch, it might actually work as a passive-aggressive way to actually show up on time too. You should find plenty of options available on the internet. Maybe, you’ll be able to find something that has Elvis’s face on it, which your fellow music enthusiast should love. A leather watch is a good option since it would complement a leather jacket. But you can also look out for some vintage watches.

If a watch somehow doesn’t seem right, you can go for a nice t-shirt (a customized one would be great) or perhaps a pair of funky shoes. This would primarily depend on their personal preference, some folks might appreciate a good old ripped pair of jeans.

15. Concert Tickets

Is your friend’s favorite band playing in town in a couple of months? Book them tickets in advance. Concert tickets are a great gift of guitarists and might just keep them the opportunity to meet their ideals. If you have the budget for it, consider getting VIP tickets. This will allow your mate backstage access which should double their experience. And what better gift than the gift of your company? Consider tagging along and getting yourself a ticket too. It’ll certainly be a night to remember.

Plus, this might help them get the exposure they need to get the word out about their music. Check out my detailed guide that contains invaluable tips and tricks on how to promote your music.

Factors to Consider Before Gift Shopping

You wouldn’t want your efforts to go to waste now, would you? Here are a couple of factors you should consider before you start shopping for your fellow guitarist:


I’ll say it once, I’ll say it twice, we musicians can be pretty picky when it comes to investing in the right brand. If your buddy is a fan has any particular favorites, I would recommend you stick to those. It’s always a good idea to gift items that your friends will genuinely enjoy and find useful. Being a musician can be stuff, at times, the money doesn’t come easy. Use this as an occasion to help a friend buy something that they would actually need from a brand that they actually trust.


So at times, it’s possible for a piece of gear to stop working or run into problems after a couple of months of use. If this particular item happens to be a present, things can certainly get awkward because it just seems like the person opted cheap. To save you from the embarrassment, buy products from reliable vendors and brands that offer at least a one-year warranty. And don’t forget to fill in your mate about all the details (such as company policies and such beforehand).


There’s no point in getting a guitarist a new set of drums (unless that’s something they play). My point is, buy stuff that they would actually use. Gear such as mics, home studio mixers, amps, speakers are all safe options that your friend might need. If you’re not certain what to get them, you can choose to upgrade the gear they already have. This will help them save time and money on things that they would have to replace anyway.


It’s probably a good idea that you determine a budget before you start this entire process. This will help in managing expectations when you are shopping around. Even if you have a decent budget, you can be on the lookout for deals and discounts. You can also buy presents in advance so if you must, you can make a list of items that you would like to get your pals and then buy them when there is a nice offer going on.

Ending Note

So there you have it. I hope this detailed guide will help you in purchasing the best gifts for your guitarist buddies out there. Like always, I’d love to hear about some of your ideas so let me know what you end up buying for you mate.

Is there something that you’d like to add? Let me know in the comments section below. I would love to get back to you.