Digital pianos with weighted keys are designed to copy the unique sounds of the grand or acoustic piano while costing less and taking up less space. Weighted keys refer to the resistance of a key due to its lever type system.

Acoustic pianos feature hammer and strings. When a key is pressed, a hammer strikes the string(s) which then vibrates and produces sound. The sound is what is registered and heard as a note. The hammers in the pianos are connected to piano keys by a lever system. The harder you press, the harder the hammer will hit the strings, and the louder the sound produced will be.

best digital pianos with weighted keys

Digital pianos don’t necessarily need weighted keys since they are fitted with a computer that can tell which sounds to produce based on the pressure you apply on a key. However, digital pianos with weighty keys give the best feeling.

Whether you’re considering semi-weighted or graded-hammer weighting, there is a bunch of benefits you can enjoy by choosing digital pianos with weighted keys.

The extra weight in them can help you build finger strength faster especially if you’re a beginner. This will improve your techniques and finger dynamics a lot faster than if you were playing with a regular digital keyboard.

Best Digital Pianos with Weighted Keys: Our Top 6 Picks

If you’re looking to invest in a digital piano with weighted keys, you would want to go for the best. Well, there are many options in the market right now. Some are good, others are even better. Making a choice would be tough; fortunately, this guide should help you make the best pick.

1. Yamaha P71 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano


The Yamaha P71 is an entry-level digital piano from one of the biggest piano manufacturing companies in the world. The P71 is a compact piano with a depth of 12 inches, so you shouldn’t have any problem setting it up in your home. It is also lightweight at 25 pounds. This should allow you to move it around with ease.

The 88-key piano features Yamaha’s Graded Hammer Standard weighted action which allows for adjustments. This means the entire 88 keys can be fully weighted, reduced, or the weight can be removed altogether. All the changes can happen with the touch of a single button – the Grand Piano/Function button. This button allows you to change several functions like change voice, configure the metronome, and play demo sources. There are also adjustable reverb settings.

The sounds from the Yamaha P71 are simply stunning. It utilizes AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) sampling to create deep, rich sounds. This is all produced by digital technology which records the sound of a grand piano.

You also get a variety of sounds to choose from with this piano. There are 10 different voices including a few from Yamaha acoustic grand pianos. In addition to that, you get a dual-mode. This mode allows you to combine two voices together. With it, you could make it appear as if you are playing the strings and keys at the same time.

It also comes with a USB port and a sustain pedal. There is also a headphone jack as well. The Yamaha P71 can be connected to an amplifier and its keyboard sounds easily integrated with other music software.

The Yamaha P71 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano is feature-packed and best of all, it comes at a reasonable price tag. Considering all its features, this digital piano could serve as the perfect instrument for beginner and mid-level instrumentalists.


  • Built-in sound system
  • Weighs 25 lbs
  • Depth of less than 12 inches
  • Graded hammer standard weighted keys
  • AWM Stereo Sampling


  • Ten voices
  • Affordable
  • Compact and lightweight


  • No built-in recorder

2. Alesis Recital 88 Key Beginner Digital Piano


As the name implies, the Alesis Recital digital piano is designed for beginners with all the right features to help them perfect the strings and keys. This digital piano is not fully weighted but comes with semi-weighted keys. Semi-weighted keys stand in the middle between unweighted digital pianos and the heavy weighted ones. They are usually more beginner-friendly.

The Alesis Recital has an adjustable touch response that lets you align the keys to suit your playing style. This feature also makes the keys feel like those on the grand piano.

Furthermore, there are standard, split, layer, and lesson modes featuring 128 note max polyphony. The lesson mode is perfect for teachers that want their pupils to play along without having to take turns. It is also great if you have a tutor and desire to play along with them.

The layer mode allows you to include many voices at once as you play. This could help you select the exact sounds you desire much quicker. There are 5 voices to choose from – Bass, Synth, Organ, Electric Piano, and Acoustic Piano.

The Alesis Recital also packs two built-in 20W speakers so you can play anywhere without having to connect an amplifier or PA system. The speakers deliver a powerful rich sound that is super-exciting to the ears.

If you prefer a peaceful playing session, you can make use of the 6.35mm headphone output. This mutes the internal speaker for quiet private practice. There are also extra connectivity options like a stereo RCA output. With this, you can connect to a mixer, amplifier, recorder, or other sound systems. There is also a USB-MIDI output for connecting your PC.

Beginners will enjoy the many features this piano has to offer. It produces realistic sounds with enough depth and quality to mesmerize an audience. The key action is also solid, pro-quality, and responsive. Overall, it’s a great piano to have.


  • Adjustable touch response
  • Sustain pedal input, stereo headphone output, and RCA outputs
  • Two built-in 20W speakers
  • 5 premium voices
  • 128-note maximum note polyphony
  • Weighs 15.62 pounds


  • Affordable
  • 128-note maximum note polyphony
  • Two built-in powerful 20W speakers


  • Limited sound selection

3. Casio Privia PX-160 Digital Piano


The Casio Privia PX-160 is a digital piano with a weight capacity of well below 30 pounds. This digital piano features 88 fully-weighted keys that should give you the full experience of playing on a grand piano. The keys are also of the same size as you would find on a grand piano.

The Casio Privia PX-160 utilizes the Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II feature. This guarantees you a realistic response anytime you press a key. The feature consists of three highly-sensitive sensors that quickly capture the movement and pressure on keys with speed and accuracy. This feature ensures that what you play is what you hear.

Another impressive feature of this piano is that it actually uses hammers as you would find in a grand piano. The keys are made out of high-grade plastic that provides a strong grip and prevents your fingers from sliding off when you play.

In addition to all these, Casio packs a lot of note samples into this piano. You will find 18 built-in tones to choose from. These include Grand Piano, Vibraphone, Strings 1 & 2, Elec Organ 1 & 2, Bass (Lower), Elec Piano 1 & 2, Pipe Organ, and more.

There are also digital effect features with which you can enhance the sound of the keys when you play. The reverb effect, for instance, make the keys sound as if you’re playing in various locations. The chorus effect, on the other hand, adds more depth to your notes.

Casio also adds a 60-song music library with 10 song expansion max. Each song has an allocated space of 90 KB. What’s more, you get a duet mode that allows the piano to split into two equal ranges. This makes it quite useful for teaching students or making music tutorials.

There is also a two-track recorder with playback functionality that can record your practice and performances. As if that’s not enough, the Casio Privia PX-160 also comes with split and layer capability. This feature allows you to have two layered tones in your right and play bass in your left hand.

Furthermore, there are two built-in 8W amplifiers that deliver loud, crispy clear sounds. This saves you the cost of purchasing an external amplifier for your piano.

Connectivity options in this keyboard include two headphone outputs and a ¼-inch left and right line outputs. There is also a USB connectivity that allows you to connect your PC or Mac computer without having to download drivers.


  • 18 built-in tones
  • Two built-in 8W speakers
  • Auto power off
  • Lesson function
  • 60-song music library
  • 128-note maximum note polyphony


  • Built-in recorder
  • Duet mode, split, and layer capabilities
  • 60-song music library


  • Sustain pedal could be problematic

4. Yamaha P125 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano


Yamaha P125 is another entry-level digital piano from Yamaha that costs way less than most premium versions but offers just the same value in terms of sound production, features, and durability.

This keyboard features 88 fully-weighted hammer action keys. Playing on this keyboard gives  the realistic experience of being on a grand piano. It provides a light touch in the high end and a heavier touch in the low end, just like an acoustic piano. It also features an actionable touch response that aligns with your preferred playing style.

The Yahama P125 88-Weighted Action Digital Piano’s Pure CF Sound Engine produces realistic sounds from a 2-way speaker system in both upward and downward directions. The final result is a rich stereo sound similar to what you would get from an acoustic piano. The two built-in speakers are rated 7W which is loud enough without an external amplifier.

The Yamaha P125 is specifically designed for beginners and middle-level pianists. It is compact and lightweight – weighing just 26 pounds. This should make it easier to move around or install in desired locations.

The Yamaha P125 is also fitted with a stereophonic optimizer to give the best headphone experience. This feature adjusts the spatial distribution of sound in the headphones, making it seem like the sound is coming directly from the piano, instead of the headphones.

This keyboard comes with many features than most within its category. It features 192 polyphonies with 24 voices to help enhance your performance. There are also four types of reverb, intelligent acoustic control, and sound boost – all digital effects needed to perfect your sounds.

You will also find basic features like dual-mode, split, and duo. In addition to that are 21 demo songs and 50 piano songs to give you a good headstart.

For connectivity, you still get a USB port, two standard headphone ports, and a sustain pedal.


  • 2-way speaker system
  • USB connectivity
  • Split mode
  • Fully weighted digital piano
  • Weighs 26 pounds


  • Very compact and relatively lightweight
  • Rich, lively, and natural piano sounds
  • Powerful speaker system


  • Few sound customization options

5. Yamaha YDP 163R Arius Series Console Digital Piano


The Yamaha YDP 163R bears many similarities to other pianos within its category. While it would pass off as an entry-level piano best suited for beginners, its features appeal more to intermediates and pros. There are tons of amazing features in this piano; however, the YDP 163R lacks some basic features you can find in low-end models.

The digital piano comes with a Pure CF Sound Engine. This is a classic masterpiece that can be found in many Yamaha models. It reproduces the tone and sound of a key when pressed. This allows for dynamic and eloquent playing. The 88 keys of this unit are fully weighted (Graded Hammer 3). This provides a heavier touch and feels from high keys to the low keys. It also makes for a grand piano-style response and an impressive, dynamic range.

The YDP 163R features adjustable touch sensitivity that allows for authentic, expressive control and provides a grand piano-style response. To ensure a good grip on the keys, they are fitted with synthetic ivory keytops that prevent the fingers from slipping.

To capture your performances, you get a built-in recording function that allows you to record playing sessions with a single touch. This feature also allows you to record two tracks for simultaneous playback. This means both hands can be recorded individually. Players looking for more performance will enjoy the voice combination feature. With it, you can combine two voices together, like strings and piano.

Other impressive features of this standard digital piano include Yamaha‘s Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC) feature through which you can play at a low volume without losing your treble and bass. There is also a stereophonic optimizer to boost your headphone experience. If you want to do more with this piano, you can simply use the USB cable to connect it to your computer or mobile device.


  • Two built-in 20W speakers
  • USB connectivity
  • Standard stereo phone jack (x2)
  • 192-note maximum note polyphony
  • Four reverb modes
  • Fully weighted digital piano


  • Simple user interface
  • Impressive piano sounds
  • Ultra-realistic feel


  • No lesson functions

6. Lagrima Digital Piano


The Lagrima Digital Piano may as well take the trophy home as the best digital piano with weighted keys due to its extensive and impressive lineup of specs. This piano features an impressive design with an attractive console that is easy on the eyes.

The Lagrima Digital Piano is a good option for beginners who want to learn the piano with finger technique and key weight. All 88 keys on this keyboard are weighted, featuring graded hammer standard key weight.

This provides more weight in the low notes and less weight in the high notes. For beginners, this weight is beneficial. It helps with finger strength and precision, making it easy for the player to transition to and from an acoustic piano. Another impressive user-based spec is the split feature. This feature allows teachers and students to sit and play beside each other, thereby facilitating faster learning.

The digital piano produces high-quality sounds through powerful built-in speakers. This feature nullifies the need for an external amplifier. There is also a sound recording feature that allows you to record your performances with the touch of a button.

In addition to this are several connectivity options to boost the overall user experience. There is a dual headphone jack, and a USB port to allow you to connect your computer or mobile device. You also get a MIDI output and input.


  • 3-Pedal System (Soft/Sustain/Sostenuto Pedal)
  • LCD display screen
  • 80 demo songs
  • Dual, 960 tones/200 rhythms
  • 128 maximum note polyphony
  • Built-in stereo speakers
  • MIDI connectivity


  • Powerful built-in stereo speakers
  • Comes with 80 demo songs to help with learning
  • LCD screen to help with practice


  • Doesn’t produce a great natural piano tone