Modern games, particularly when they feature the option of multiplayer gaming often involve voice chats. Players have to speak to each other or offer their vocal input to the game they’re playing. Consoles or gaming PC’s lack the best quality mics. Actually, they tend to offer garbled or grainy output. In the recent past, live streaming games are quickly catching on to gamers. For this reason, gamers need to make their voice clear for their audience. Anything contrary to this will result in failing to grab the attention of an audience. So what’s the best solution to this problem?

A solid microphone not only enhance the quality of a voice conversation but also provide a great synchronization between teams. Ultimately, gamers enjoy an improved and exciting gaming experience as they play multiplayer games.

Mics continue to grow in popularity among gamers because of different reasons. Whether you’re chatting away with your hommies on Discord or trying your best to grow your Twitch following, do not allow poor audio quality to come in the way of your experience.

Choose from any of the following top 5 best gaming microphones:

1. Blue Yeti USB Microphone – Best Overall

The Blue Yeti USB Microphone is without a doubt one of the products on the market today. While it might be pricey, it’s worth your hard-earned money. This versatile and highly advanced product allows users to create world-class studio-quality sound with a PC. It features a sleek design that resembles a more classical and older microphone.

The microphone is built on an impressive hinge system that guarantees easy adjustments and positioning. It has screws that are handy at firmly keeping it in place. Its hinge is magical when it comes to folding it up for effortless portability. One of the attributes I love about this Blue Yeti is the fact that it is built with a great proprietary tri-capsule tech. With this tech, you’re able to create pristine-quality, clearer and sharper recordings.

The mic’s three condensers are capable of recording under any situation without any noise interference thus making it an excellent choice for both streaming and gaming. Another highlight of this mic is that it has four diverse patterns;

  • The bi-directional mode – The bi-directional mode excellently captures sound from the back and front, which works well with all instrument sounds.
  • The omnidirectional mode – The omnidirectional mode effortlessly captures sound from different directions offering an amazing sound especially in live performance situations.
  • The cardioid mode – In this mode, you’re able to record sources of sound, which are located right in front of the mic hence delivering an intense and rich sound that’s great for streaming and podcasts.
  • The stereo mode – This mode utilizes both the left and right channels of audio output to produce an accurate sound for general use.

Key Features

  • Compatible with Macintosh and Windows
  • Ideal for different recording modes
  • Versatile PC mic that offers top-quality audio without latency

Setting up the microphone is a walk in the park. All you need to do is plug the mic into the USB port and then calibrate it into your operating system. it works brilliantly with both Mac and Windows operating systems provided the system features a 64MB RAM. This specific feature makes it an ideal mic for any computer.

The mic’s headphones have zero-latency. Additionally, they come with a mute function and volume control function. While it is relatively costlier compared to others, you can rest assured that it offers superior sound quality which elevates your experience. Indeed, it’s one of the best mics in the market today.

  • Higher build quality
  • Great sensitivity
  • Incredible directional range
  • Pricey

2. Audio-Technica AT2020USB PLUS – Premium Choice

Its crystal-clear audio quality makes it hard to beat the Audio-Technica AT2020USB PLUS. Working on both Mac and Windows systems, this mic is among the best for both gaming and streaming. It boasts secure connectivity that makes it an ideal option for video games.

You have to give it up to the manufacturers who did a great job when it comes to its sturdy build. Its capsule elements are placed in a wire mesh and then supported by a solid metal framework. The mic comes with a desk stand and pivot mount. Its desk stand has a tripod that features a rubber tip to offer friction. The pivot brings with it adjustable screws which allow you to set your desired angle. Unlike the first one, setting it up is also easy. The process involves connecting the mic to a USB port and then downloading the system software that gets it running.

The mic is made of the remarkable AT2020 cardioid condenser that offers studio-quality recording capability coupled with excellent comprehensibility and articulation. It has a tailor made fit low-mass diaphragm that provides a protracted frequency response, which enables users to record wide frequencies without any reactions.

Its cardioid’s pattern normally reduces sound pick-up from the rear and sides thus bringing sharp focus to its intended sound source. This feature is particularly helpful when recording your own gameplay or talking to other gamers while avoiding interference. I loved the mic also because of the low noise levels, which makes it well, suited for sophisticated and high-quality recording situations, like YouTube gaming videos.

 Key Features

  • Non-existent noise from the mic
  • Excellent off-axis rejection for great sound capture
  • Sophisticated recordings

If you’re looking for a mic with the ability to connect directly to an editor without any hassle, then this is your best choice. Its high-quality streaming and streaming capability make a perfect choice or high-end recording and gaming situations. The mic also offers superior sensitivity and range compared to many others in the market and within its price range. If you are a musician running a home studio, you’ll find this mic to be a great deal.

The only deal breaker I found with the microphone is that it doesn’t have a pop filter.

  • Numerous directional options
  • Overkill for gaming
  • Pretty great for other purposes
  • No pop filter included

3. Blue Snowball USB Microphone – Great Value

I’ve always believed that for an immersive gaming experience, you need a top-notch model. With a cardioid microphone pattern and high-quality audio recording, the Blue Snowball USB Microphone is a good choice for voice chats and live streaming. I must admit that I’m in love with both the Snowball and Yeti. In fact, some time back I did a comparison of these two great mics, which you can check it out here: Blue Snowball Vs Yeti. Another great useful comparison would be the one between AT2020 vs Blue Yeti.

This compact and attractive microphone exceeded my expectations. It weighs 1.8lbs and comes in a stylish black. Also included is a 6 ft. USB cable as well as a desktop stand that comes in handy when you need to place it somewhere for use.

If you are one of the people with a lack of space or cluttered desk, you’ll definitely prefer this mic because of its compact design. It brings with it a custom condenser capsule to ensure you enjoy nothing short of clearest streaming and voice recordings. This mic boasts a Plug and Play function where it connects efficiently and easily with either a Mac or PC without needing any extra software or drivers. Such a feature makes it easy and simple to use anytime.

Do you know that this product is compatible with PlayStation 4? Oh yes, it is! That means that as a gamer, you can effortlessly shift from a single platform to another without having to purchase different products or install software from the internet. Despite its pocket-friendly nature, the Snowball looks classy.

Have you been looking for a microphone that makes YouTube voice chats and video recordings over multiplayer mode sound to be clear without much effort on your part? If yes, then you need to consider buying this mic. The same is true if you desire a professional quality mic that’s affordable and convenient to use.

 Key Features

  • A selection of colors at pocket-friendly prices
  • 3 different recording patterns
  • Crisp quality sound capture
  • Frequency response 40Hz-18kHz
  • USB output connector

Are you looking for a device that helps you find a middle ground between gaming utility as well as other uses, then the Snowball is highly recommended.

  • Still functional even at a healthy distance for chat
  • Included tripod
  • Excellent directional range
  • Great sound quality
  • No pop filter included

4. Antlion Audio ModMic – Best Headset

One of the most consistent and reliable brands in the world when it comes to audio is Antlion. The company’s Antlion Audio ModMic is a classy and stylish attachable microphone that meets all your requirements and needs. In addition to being easy to attach to headphones, the mic features a magnetic clasp, which holds tight to your headphones regardless of the size. The mic is positioned at suitable heights for your preference.

All you need to do is to position the clasp into your headphones. You can effortlessly remove or attach the boom mic whenever you need it. I enjoyed the boom’s flexibility, which allowed me to create custom curves to perfectly position the mic for comfort and voice capture. It also has an additional clasp. If you cannot select your favorite pair of headphones, the extra clasp will be handy when it comes to switching the ModMic.

Its sturdy and durable design means that it can give you service for many years to come.

The product is completely versatile meaning it is compatible with almost any device. When you add a Y adapter, you can use your headphone and ModMic combo for exciting gaming on Wii-U, PS4, Xbox or even your smartphone. You can add Mac systems or USB adaptor for enhanced quality. Whatever your setup, ModMic’s has definitely got you covered.

Key Features

  • Uni-directional patterns
  • 1-10v operating voltage
  • Magnetic clasp system
  • Console compatibility

Another impressive feature I liked about this mic is the fact that it eliminates background noise. It brings with it a uni-directional cardioid capsule mic that offers superior noise cancelling features. What does this mean? It simply means that whenever the background noise level increases beyond your control, you can be sure that voice recordings will be clear and crisp. It’s ideal for use with noisy environments such as office VoIP and multiplayer mode. With the ModMic, you’ll never have to struggle or find it difficult to be heard.

Whether you want to start your new radio gig or stream, Antlion enables you to set the ball rolling without any complicated equipment. It’s very simple. On top of that, video meetings have never sounded so good. This mic’s noise-cancelling feature strictly picks up your voice. Your fellow co-workers do not have to hear background coffee shop noise or clicking keyboard sounds.

  • Great budget mic
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Easy to remove or attach
  • Posh design
  • Natural and clear sound voice recordings
  • Low-frequency range

5. Razer Seiren Elite: Single DynamicCapsule – Best USB Mic

Razer is a renowned company for different products – from gaming to high-performance laptops. Each product in the company’s line not only boasts a solid reputation for quality, but also shares styling cues. In its quest to provide high-quality devices made specifically for YouTube and Twitch creators, Razor might have crafted its highest-quality microphone yet.

Razer Seiren Elite is one of the must buy products from this company if you are serious about your audio experience. This device not only looks professional, but is also well-made. While pricey, it brings with a variety of unique features that make it worth buying particularly if you are an aspiring live-streamer.

I made several recording both in the office and at home and I was largely impressed by the mic’s sound quality.

In terms of design, this microphone has a green mute button that turns red when activated. On the front, it features a small LCD screen. The screen serves up pattern and volume information at a glance. Volume adjustment for both pass-through headset and mic are displayed at the front. There’s a small icon that notifies you, which one is being changed. Another icon is present to show which pattern you are using when it is recording.

In terms of setting up, doing so with this mic is not difficult. For starters, you must have Razer’s Synapse software. If you are running more than one Razer hardware, you have everything in one single location. You can initiate changes across all pieces of kit.

The recording quality of this mic is very good, but it isn’t notably exceptional. The mic does a wonderful job of netting clear sound. The fact that it has a lag-free-pass-through monitoring for headphones is a big plus in my opinion. I unraveled some sound settings in Windows when I hadn’t plugged to the mic since Windows always wants to set default speaker output into the mic.

 Key Features

  • 16-bit/48kHZ Resolution
  • Zero-latency monitoring
  • Digital/Analog Vocal Limiter
  • Built-in High-Pass Filter
  • Professional grade

During streaming, the mic does an incredible job. It picks up sound at a higher quality compared to others in this primer. Additionally, podcasts also benefit from the amazing sound of this dedicated USB microphone. The less expensive mics usually lose out on that conversational and natural sound.

  • Best directional range
  • Best sensitivity
  • Decent sound quality
  • Relatively expensive

Buyers Guide

With a market that’s full of quality mics for gamers to pick, choosing the best one for your needs might be challenging. To land the appropriate one, it is wise to have a set of features to consider. Here are the top factors to consider when making a purchase.

Microphone Pattern

The cardioid pattern stands out as the best microphone design. This particular pattern is heart-shaped. It’s great at rejecting outside sounds to offer you the clearest possible sound of objects closest. The other pattern is the omnidirectional mic pattern. It’s also highly popular. It’s only used when a gamer’s surroundings are absolutely quiet. It picks up sounds on a quiet environment effortlessly.


You can use them on an array of ways. For instance, some are used purposely to clip on to a gaming headset for easy access. While these types of mics are cheap and convenient, they do not offer the best or clearest sound.

Other microphones sit on top of a desk to offer exceptional quality sound. Their main disadvantage is that you have to place them as close as possible to the mouth, which can make them an inconvenience.

Microphone Type

All microphones are classified into two main categories. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on your needs. The two broad classifications are:

Dynamic Mics

Dynamic mics offer a warm and full sound that borders on artificial. However, it leaves the speaker sounding comforter and friendly. These kinds of mics tend to leave out high-frequency sounds. Consequently, if you’re fond of playing your games inside a noisy room, these mics are the best choice. Because of this attribute, you can also hold them close to the mouth for a more bass and louder voice.

While these types of mics are generally utilized for the narration of audiobooks and radio recording, using for playing games is also adequate. Nevertheless, if you have a too bass or low in frequency voice, it might result in an unclear and blurry sound. Secondly, these mics are normally not very sensitive. As indicated earlier, they leave out high-frequency notes. Consequently, they are not great at capturing everything fed to them.

Condenser Mics

Condenser mics are magical if you desire a natural and clear sound. They are the best option for voice chats and live streaming while gaming. An impressive attribute I love about them is that they don’t garble words. If you want to record anything factual on the internet, I’d highly recommend this type of mic.

Their main drawback is that they need phantom power. What does this mean? It simply means that you need to feed a DC power supply directly to your mic. So in simple words, condenser mics are normally USB microphones. Alternatively, they have an equivalent connection that connects them to the source of power. Compared to dynamic mics, they are much more expensive.

Connectivity Hardware

It is very important that you understand the capacity of your computer and the kind the hardware that would work best with your new microphone’s compatibility. Some of the popular options are XLR connectors. They allow you to enjoy a studio-quality sound. Plenty of adapters are also available to allow you to have a bigger threshold for mic compatibility.

Audio Interface and Form Factor

Do you prefer a USB mic or an analogue one? Each of these options has its pros and cons. The first consideration you need to make under this factor is your processing gear. Secondly, you need to consider how perfectly your motherboard is capable of handling it.

Noise Cancelling Ability

Plenty of mics in the market today and even the ones featured in this primer have noise cancelling abilities. If your PC is loud or you reside/work in a noisy environment, then your microphone must have this feature. However, if you’re always in a designated room that is jacked out particularly for gaming, then probably you do not need to factor in this.

Final Thoughts

Over the last decade, gaming has evolved tremendously. To enjoy a wonderful gameplay experience, you certainly need top-end components. If you are a serious gamer like myself, you must settle for a dedicated mic since it allows great communications that can go miles to boost the performance of your game by several notches. When I talk about a standalone mic, I do not necessarily refer to a studio-level mic since as gamers, we do not need that. It needs to be something better compared to your headphone’s inbuilt mic.

In this primer, I reviewed the top 5 best models for gamers to choose from.

To sum it up, here my top choices:

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