Did you know that children have a greater aptitude for learning?  It’s probably one of the reasons why kids should start playing instruments while they’re still young. Not only is this one of the best ways to utilize their creative energies but they are certainly bound to have fun while they are at it. I was only five when my parents practically forced me to learn how to play the piano. It not only improved my posture but it also gave me something to brag about among my peers.

Here is a list of some of the best instruments to learn for a child:

1. Guitar

child playing guitar

I’m going to start with this one because the guitar is by far one of the coolest instruments anyone can learn. Period. It’s also incredibly easy to learn. I admit that while I got piano lessons as a child, I learned how to play the guitar in my teens, pretty much on my own. I heavily relied on materials available on the internet and flash forward a few years, you should be able to find TONS of tutorials and learning resources.

Aside from it being cool, a guitar is one of the most fundamental instruments that will teach any child the basics of music. It should also help with manual dexterity that will further come in handy in other aspects of life. And if your kid does wind up playing guitar, here are some gift ideas that he will certainly love.

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2. Drums

girl playing drums

Now, I can almost imagine parents glaring at me right through this screen as I’m writing this. Most folks like to sleep peacefully, and for this reason, they avoid getting their kids battery-operated toys that buzz around all day, and while they’re at it, they also make sure their children don’t go anywhere near the drum set. Regardless of what you might think, I still think the drums are a great instrument for any child to learn. It might not be quiet, and I can’t promise that your kid won’t get a little crazy from time to time, but they’ll love you for it.

And if all hell really does break loose, you can always soundproof the space. That would be a good idea anyway if you want your kid to continue to pursue music. An added tip, you can get your child electric drums set since it is much quieter.

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3. Piano

child playing piano

And how could I possibly have missed piano lessons? I got them myself as a kid even though I had to settle for a keyboard once my lessons were done. I started playing the piano while I was still pretty little, but it’s by far one of the easiest instruments to learn. First off, it doesn’t have any strings attached (sorry for the obvious pun) which means kids don’t have to tune or practice finger movements like they would have to with the guitar and violin.

Additionally, the keys of the piano are all laid out in front of you, which makes it much easier to learn compared to other instruments. Kids of all ages shouldn’t have much trouble learning how chords and notes work together. Plus, finding a decent keyboard shouldn’t be too difficult, not to mention there are tons of learning materials available on the internet.

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Perhaps you can start off by getting them a MIDI keyboard.

4. Ukulele

girl playing ukelele

A lot of kids are intrigued by the humble ukulele. It’s a small yet fun instrument to play, and it’s reasonably easier to learn. Since the instrument is stringed, your child should pick up some hand-eye coordination lessons which is good for their development. Additionally, since the strings are made of nylon, it becomes easier for kids to press on it and achieve the best results.

And though the price should not be a primary concern here, you will definitely be relieved to know that this instrument does not cost as much. In fact, it is much cheaper than most high-end instruments. And let’s not forget that it doesn’t make a lot of noise, is fairly easy to transport too and has a quirky vibe to it which your child might love.

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5. Violin

girl with violin

Now I’ll start by saying, yes, the violin definitely is slightly trickier to learn because it requires manual dexterity but you can say that the challenge is all part of the fun. I’ll be honest, I tried to play the violin a couple of years ago, and even though I wasn’t great at it (OK, I sucked at it), it was an experience worth remembering. My point is, it shouldn’t matter how long it takes for your child to learn their way around an instrument. What you should be most concerned about is whether they’re having a good time.

And besides, if your child is persistent enough to push through the initial complexities that come with mastering the violin, they will pretty much make their way through any instrument in the world.

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6. Clarinet

woman with clarinet

If your child enjoys being part of a choir, it’s probably best you encourage them to take clarinet lessons. Most schools offer classes, and there are detailed charts that could even help you teach your child how to learn. And if your child picks up on how to learn the clarinet, they should easily be able to learn how to plate the flute or recorder.

It might not seem like much, but these woodwind instruments can teach your child a lot of music. These instruments are soft and will introduce your child to a whole new world of music that not nearly enough of people appreciate.

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7. Bass Guitar

bass guitar

Now I would recommend this for slightly older kids because learning how to play bass guitar requires a rather good ear and that’s something that might be difficult to explain to a child. But once they’re ten years old, I’d say that they have hit the perfect age to learn how different sounds are layered while recording. Perhaps, you could even teach them about mixing as it’ll surely be a fun experience.

A bass guitar might take some time to get used to, but it definitely is a fun instrument that is worth learning.

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8. Cajon Drum

cajon drum

If your kid spends a lot of time on YouTube, they have probably seen this instrument before. The best thing about Cajon drums is that you can play it with your bare hands. It’s pretty similar to tapping your palms on the table to make some music. Because of its simplicity, I’d say that this is an excellent instrument for any child to learn. It somewhat sounds similar to a drum set and will leave your child lots of room for experimentation.

I also am a fan of these drums because it’s easy to maintain and relatively lightweight. And because it isn’t as complex as other instruments.

9. Xylophone


I know I said that the very first instrument I learned to play was the piano, but the xylophone was probably the first instrument I laid hands on. I remember having a miniature one when I was only a few years old, and while I didn’t do a whole lot of playing, I certainly had a lot of fun.

I would highly recommend you get a mini xylophone if you want your little tot to learn more about music in their tender years. It’s completely safe, and they should have a blast. Kids love tapping on the instrument and most xylophones that are designed for children to feature tons of bright colors and designs that your child would love to get their hands on.

A Note for Parents

Before you even start assessing what kind of instrument would best suit your kid, I’d like to remind you that this whole experience should be fun for your little one. Aside from taking into account factors such as their age, body type and personality, be sure to ASK your child what musical route they would like to pursue. Getting your child to take lessons may become difficult if your kid isn’t interested or would rather learn to play something else.

Try to be as supportive as you can, even when you’re kids are making more noise than music. They might eventually learn how to play the violin in the future but what’s most important is how they end up spending their time in the present. You don’t want them to look back and figure that you were always grouchy about their decisions. Stay positive and help as much as you can. Check out these amazing Instagram marketing tips that could make your kid famous (after they have learned to master an instrument).

Ending Note

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog post. As a closing note, I would sincerely advise that you speak to your child before you get them music lessons. Anyway, do share what instrument they do end up choosing.

Do you have something to add? Let me know in the comments section below.

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