There are tons of advantages of using closed back headphones. For one thing, the enclosed design results in better noise cancellation. It also means that you can listen to music on the subway without worrying about disturbing your fellow passengers. I’ve tried several closed back headphones, but I’ve only been a fan of a few of them – one of those products happen to be the LyxPro HAS-30.

So let’s find out what’s so great about this product and what it potentially lacks in.

Lyxpro Has-30 Overview

This is a decent pair of studio headphones which are designed to offer maximum isolation. It makes it possible for folks to get the most out of their tracking session, ensuring that sound doesn’t leak from the headphones. Apart from sound isolation, you can also expect minimal sound leakage. I personally found the gear to be pretty comfortable for a closed-back model so you can potentially use it for a couple of hours without experiencing head fatigue.

All this enhances the overall experience, ensuring you get the most out of your session. Here are some notable features that are worth mentioning:

  • Features premium leather headband with incredibly comfortable ear cups. Allows users to benefit from hours of listening
  • The design is foldable, which means you can transport it easily without any inconveniences
  • Also includes 2 removable cables

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This LyxPro HAS-30 features great design and aesthetic value. It is made using premium materials that don’t put too much weight on your ears. The number one problem I have with using headphones is that my head and ears start to hurt after a while. And not only is this incredibly uncomfortable but it can potentially affect your overall performance as well. While these headphones aren’t exactly superior quality, they are comfortable enough for the price range which is pretty reasonable.

When you put these babies on your ears, you instantly feel fully immersed in the whole experience and feel the intensity of the music. The music sounds especially great when you listen to acoustics.

I’d also like to add that the earpads are quite breathable compared to other brands. The headbands don’t put too much pressure on your head so you can feel at ease. I also like that the earcups are able to swivel freely in whatever direction you want. Last but not least, these headphones feature a foldable design so you can easily wrap it up for convenient storage. Your purchase will also include a carrying case so that’s also a plus point.

Sound Quality

Now, let’s talk about the really important stuff because looks can be quite deceiving. This particular modem features 50 mm drivers that offer a decent frequency range of 15Hz-26KHz. When I was testing out the headphones, I noticed that they don’t give too much bass. But you’ll find that things tend to look up after a few hours.

I’d highly recommend the LyxPro HAS-30 for listening to piano and guitar sounds. Basically, anything that’s acoustic because it sounds great. The overall sound is nice and crisp. I usually use this pair for listening to recordings when I’m traveling and I like how great the vocals sound. I know these are closed-back headphones but the soundstage is pretty wide. You may use it for other hobbies such as gaming or watching movies.

But I’ll also have to highlight a problem here, while the headphones do a pretty good job in isolating sound, I have also noticed a leak. So while I wouldn’t say that these are the best studio gear, I’d definitely recommend you use it for traveling and for other general use.


I’m not a fan of bulky headphones, they get in the way and can be pretty difficult to work with in the summers. And that’s why I’m such a huge (well, maybe not huge) fan of this model. The ear cups are quite flexible and comfortable hence you can listen to music and record for hours. I’m also a huge fan of the foldable design. These babies have become my go-to traveling gear because of its portability and great design. You even get a case with it that makes storage even more convenient.

While I would have appreciated if these babies were wireless, you can remove the cords while storage so that makes things a bit more convenient.

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These babies cost next to nothing which is a fairly affordable price when it comes to closed-back headphones. I’d recommend these to sound producers, DJs and people looking for decent quality gear for general use such as gaming and listening to a few tunes. Overall, I wouldn’t say that this product is incredibly high quality, that would be a far stretch from the truth but they still perform decently well for its price tag.

Pros and Cons

Well, now that I’ve given you a detailed guide about these headphones, it’s time we do a quick recap and analyze the Lyxpro Has-30 for its pros and cons. Here’s what you have to know:


  • Optimal noise canceling features
  • Comes with a carrying case which results in easy storage
  • Portable and foldable design – great for traveling
  • Fairly affordable design
  • Comfortable leather headband
  • Flexible earcups that swivel


  • Tends to leak sound which can be a bother
  • Does not offer wireless connection
  • Generally not the best studio headphones because of its quality


So yeah, overall the Lyxpro Has-30 performs decently as far as closed back models are concerned. I wouldn’t recommend these as studio headphones as you’d probably be better off with something more high quality.

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