With my experience, I can honestly say that a lot of new recording enthusiasts and musicians have trouble in finding the right microphone. You can’t blame them either since every other company out there is at it, trying to market their products as the best. Anyway, in this review, I’ll be presenting the legendary Sennheiser e935. What I loved about this particular gear is that it is priced mid-range but is still able to deliver quality sound which is quite rare, if you ask me.

This is here is your everyday cardioid dynamic mic. At first glance, it might not look like it can do much but it’s a pretty decent find for both male and female vocals. I’ve used it for a few home recording sessions and a few karaoke nights (by the way, if you’re looking for an analog mixer, check this one out) and it performed very well. I’ll also say that it’s suitable for loud stages so if you don’t have to worry about sound bleeding in, this model here won’t disappoint.


The Sennheiser e935 sounds much more natural compared to its brother, the e945 thanks to its cardioid pattern. I was quite impressed with its spot on feedback rejection. It works like a charm for lead singers – not so much for back vocalists. The mic also features a stunning frequency pattern, so you don’t have to worry about hitting sudden bumps. I’m personally a huge fan of the smooth sound that comes out at the end, you can expect a lot of clarity and detail.

Here are some prominent features/spec you should know about:

  • Incredibly versatile: Suited for both males and female vocalists. Can even be used by children (now, that’s something you don’t see every day.
  • Shock-mounted Capsule: To prevent interference and handling noise
  • Cardioid pickup pattern: Well-crafted mic with cardioid pickup pattern – great for vocals
  • Metal construction: Overall sturdy build and exceptional quality, quite surprising for its low price tag
  • 10-year warranty: Comes with an amazing 10-year warranty that secures your purchase

Sound – Balanced and Smooth

Aside from home recording sessions, the mic works well for live performances. You’ll find that it features optimal balance of brightness, so you don’t have to worry about the usual harshness that folks usually deal with. It’s also great how the product managed to offer good transient response which makes the overall sound appear very natural. It also retains clarity, unlike many other mics that you will find on this budget.

When compared to some other products, I found that this model sounded much better, not muffled and slurred like you’d expect. This is something you’ll only get to experience when you’re listening to your recording using headphones.

Overall Design

I’m not a fan of cheap designs. A product can be low-priced, sure, not all of us make millions. But for it to actually look cheap – that’s absolutely criminal. Thankfully, the e935 offers a sturdy build. It’s slightly heavier than its predecessor but I actually liked the extra weight. It contributed to the durability of the product. Plus, the brand offers a 10-year warranty which is not a bad deal. Anyway, owing to its durable design, you can also use the mic outdoors for your gigs. I’ve also found that it works well for different weather conditions.

The mic is incredibly resistant to feedback whereas the capsule mounting is also designed to minimize background and handling noise.

What I Really Liked

There were a couple of factors that I really liked about this microphone. Some of those included:


Let’s be honest, most folks who have just entered the realm of home recording don’t have a very extravagant budget to work with. And that’s completely fine. Having said this, I believe this model is the perfect match for anybody looking for smooth sound output. The voice is clear and even cuts through most instruments, making it a great choice for vocals. Plus, it can be used by both male and female vocalists so you can get twice as much use out of it!

Natural Sound

I can’t emphasize this enough – natural sound always takes the cake. Regardless of what genre you explore (even if it’s for rapping), you can’t hate a microphone for featuring rich detail. Highly dynamic and clear sound. You can use it for indoor recording sessions for even for live performances. This contributes to the versatility of the mic which is definitely a plus point. As for the superior feedback rejection, that is definitely one of the most notable qualities of this mic.

It also features a humbucking coil that ensures cancellation of background interference that you are likely to experience with both home recording and live sessions. The shock-resistant mounting is also worth praising since it minimizes background noise.

Sturdy Construction

You can’t doubt the reliability and sturdiness of this microphone. It indeed is designed for all kinds of occasions. It has a rugged metal body which makes it an excellent choice for onstage performances and indoor recording sessions. Owing to its spectacular design helps this model stand out from other mics from this series. Now, I’ve worked with plenty of dynamic microphones before, and I know how much it sucks to work with poor quality gear if you have a limited budget.


It’s safe to say that this model is a pretty decent dynamic microphone. The price is quite reasonable so you need not worry about breaking the bank. Overall, I highly recommend this product – especially for newbies who are still trying to figure out their sound. It may not be the best fit for hard-core professionals, but then again, it gets the job done reasonably well. All in all, you can expect better results if you treat the room and take proper measures before recording. Check out my guide on how to reduce echo in a room.

Are there any other dynamic mics that you think I should review? Let me know in the comments below! You might end up seeing a review real soon.

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