There are several reasons for including a set of headphones among your list of essentials. Travel is one of these reasons, and if you want to be able to listen to your own music instead of the guy next to you, or even relax in silence, then you would obviously want a decent pair.

Another reason to use then is in the gym. Most serious fitness buffs prefer not to talk but do their own workout alone. Listening to music works well when doing cardio as well as on the floor, but having complete silence puts them in their own zone to focus and concentrate.

So, what should we look for in headphones? The Sony MDR – 7506 seems to be on everyone’s heads these days so I thought it would be a good idea to find out why they are so popular.

I’ve come up with a few ideas about what makes this such a well-used product.

The build

At first glance you will see right away that the headphones are made mostly of plastic. That should not put you off them because it means that they are lightweight. Easy to carry around with you.

The headphones fold up quite neatly so don’t take up a great amount of room. Although there is not a huge amount of padding, they do the job well. Also, when they are folded the earpieces are well protected against knocks and bumps.

While the fold up ears seem a little flimsy, they work well and fold up neatly.

For extra-large heads you may find that the headphones are a little too tight-fitting and although the padding is not that good, you can buy replacement pads which would be more padded. Generally, they fit most heads, even small ones.

Because the Sony MDR-7506 is not Bluetooth there are no codes to concern you. They come with a 3.5mm connector which has threading attached.

If you’re looking for style, then these may not be for you. They are the workhorse of headphones. They are built to do a job. Some people even think they are ugly but then that’s all a matter of taste.

While the thick, long cable may make it more difficult when travelling, when it is plugged into a PC it feels more solid than a thinner, straighter cable would. It’s also less likely to be pulled out of the socket.

Possibly because Sony has never been in the forefront of style these look a little old school. Chunky but neat, and good enough to handle what you want whether it’s silence or sound.

One thing that may affect the sound is if the padding around the ears starts to wear away, so having a spare set of pads may be a good idea if you use them a lot.

Because they are manufactured in plastic it means that they are less durable than some others. You may want to make use of the carry case they come with, instead of throwing them into your gym bag. That being said, the cost won’t set you back a whole lot even if you end up breaking them.

The fit

On the whole the Sony MDR-7506 headphones seem to fit most people. They are fairly durable considering they are made of plastic and the padding is adequate for most heads. Extra large heads may find them a little tight but generally speaking they fit well.

The headphones weigh in at just 230g, making them among the lightest on the market. The arms extend for extra length.

The headphones get a little warm around the ears so you really can’t call them cool. There are some out there that heat up a lot quicker than these.

The pads are ear-over-ear so that even large ears will be completely covered. The pads are very comfortable so you could wear them for long periods before your ears start to bother you.

The pressure when they are clamped to your head is average and they stay put nicely with no pain on most heads.

The headphones come with their own carry bag as well as a 6.3mm adaptor plug.

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The Sound

Now here we get down to the main reason you’d buy these headphones. The thing to remember with these is that they were not made for music, they were made for silence and to protect your ears from outside noise.

The Sony MDR-7506 has become so popular because it delivers what it is supposed to – absolute silence.

Even though the headphones have a closed back, they still do not have that boxy sound, which sets them apart from others in the same price range.

The bass can sound a little boomy, but you can hear it right down to lower frequencies. Mid-range vocals sound great with trebles being clear.

If you use them to listen to music, you’ll notice that heavy beats and vocals sound great. In fact, any style of music sounds great with these headphones. Classical music with lots of cymbals crashing is particularly good, as is jazz.

If you want to record your own songs and play them back these will deliver them back in the exact way as the recording. Many other headphones hide imperfections, not so with these. You’ll be able to hear everything.

The downside of that is that if you listen to a less than perfect recording, you will be able to hear the imperfections. In this instance you need to remember that it’s not the headphones which are faulty, but the recording which you are playing. In this way the Sony mdr-7506 is less forgiving than many other headphones.

Should you buy these if you want to listen to music – yes you should. You should also consider them if you want silence.

The isolation

Another thing to consider with these headphones is the noise isolation. These do a really good job of blocking out any surrounding noises.

Even when playing music, you will still hear next to nothing apart from your own music.

The cost

Because the material used in these headphones is mostly plastic, they have kept the price way down.

At such a low price they are possibly one of the best value sets that you will find these days.

It’s because of this that the Sony MDR-7506 has become very popular with many audio professionals.

They are also popular with amateurs who are just getting started in the music industry.

Who would use them?

If you’re just starting to get your own uTube deal up and running, you may consider these headphones as they’re good value for money as well as doing the job properly.

Anyone working in an office who needs silence would benefit from these. They come with a long cable which may be a problem if you want to use them to commute in silence as it may get caught up on things.

They would be great for anyone who does script editing work and does not want to be interrupted.

I think these headphones would be great if you are in the audio editing business and need to focus on what you hear rather than outside noises. I guess tat’s why they are so popular with people who work in recording studios.

Anyone travelling when crowd noise bothers them may want to try these.

To sum up

Considering the price of these headphones the sound and quality is excellent. To get anything better than these you would need to pay double.

The plastic makes the headphones less durable, but this is made up for by the very affordable price.

For exceptional sound along with comfort and good value, these are probably the best buy you’ll find right now.

While the headphones are not the most stylish, and don’t have a phone remote or cables to remove, they do deliver an excellent sound at the right price.

Because of the cost, the Sony MDR-7506 is in the bracket where most people can afford a set, and this is probably the reason why you see it on so many heads right now.

The bottom line with the Sony MDR-7506 is this:

  • Performance and function are very good
  • Well affordable even for professional use
  • Excellent usage with almost any genre of music
  • Cable is heavy, long and cannot be removed from the headphones
  • Not the most stylish
  • Best value for the money


There’s no reason why these headphones shod not be one of the essentials in your bag. If you don’t mind that they are not the most fashionable item, then you will be very satisfied with your purchase. While they may not be as durable as a set made of steel, they will still deliver what you want as far as sound quality goes.

I think that for the price of these headphones you would look a long way to find anything half as good. They are a great buy for both amateur and professional users, they work well with most music types, fold up neatly, and if for any reason you break them, they can be replaced without breaking the bank.

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